About Us

The FAIR PRICE Group was founded in 1999 at a time when the local furniture manufacturing industry was shrinking. FAIR PRICE saw an opportunity to get into the market by supplying attractive, functional, and practical furniture to low- and middle-income consumers at affordable prices.

At the core of the business model is the belief that most homeowners - regardless of their financial status - desire a home that is smart and looks beautiful.

This idea has subsequently gone beyond just making attractive modern furniture available to this largely under serviced market, to encompass the broader industry and society through creating opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship - driven by innovation and collaboration.

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"Furnish a home, raise a family, build a nation."

From our first store in Mooi Street, Johannesburg, FAIR PRICE now has a network of 100 stores, 11 warehouses and two manufacturing sites from which we supply a range of bedroom, lounge, dining room and kitchen furniture.

We also sell appliances and other electronic goods.

Strategic Partnerships for Growth

Our strategy is geared towards making sustainable, meaningful contributions to the South African economy, which is achieved through unlocking and developing local entrepreneurial skills and talent and harnessing the power of "entrepreneurial township" energy.

Aside from our in-house manufactured furniture, we also partner with secondary manufacturers who produce exclusive products for FAIR PRICE. These partnerships go beyond supplier agreements as we actively work with these SMME’s to help them start, build and grow their businesses.

Our so-called "Hail-a-Bakkie" concept was developed using an 'Uber-like' app that allows independent township bakkie owners to become delivery partners. With their flexibility and unique knowledge of their 'delivery area', these drivers have provided a seamless, efficient and cost effective logistics solution. We currently have 250 privately owned bakkies working with us.

Thanks to the success of the "Hail-a-Bakkie" programme, we are now piloting further similar programmes such as upskilling drivers to offer assembly services. We are also developing an "Own your Store" programme to assist current store managers to become fractional owners and finally fully-fledged franchisees.

Sales Simplified

At FAIR PRICEwe offer simple sales solutions. Our products are made available by means of cash sales and lay-bye sales – no complicated credit offerings or contracts. Our aim is to offer our customers honest, straightforward service.

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