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We are the leading mass retailer of furniture and appliances as well as our own range of manufactured and imported furniture. Our services extend to customers in urban and rural areas of South Africa. Our ability to identify our customers and target market enables us to offer a focused, in-depth quality product or a range of services suited to the specified needs of each market.

Our symbiotic relationship with our suppliers and our buying power enables us to offer value packed quality products at the lowest prices.

Our human resources practises encourage all our people to develop and be recognised and duly rewarded for outstanding achievement.

To the communities we serve, offering lowest prices, quality products and services, employment and support for community projects.

Optimising all our resources enables us to provide a superior quality service to our customers. Every Fair Price store experience will always have two common attributes.

Number one is that you'll enjoy a terrific selection of furniture that is fashionable, practical, and built to last.

Number two is that it'll be a great value, because every day, our prices are better than most other stores sale prices.

At Fair Price stores, we realize it's a big world out there. And everyone's vying for the same share. So how do we set ourselves apart? We bring more to the table


Fair Price is a nationally expanding network of retail stores who are successfully challenging the Furniture Industry on service delivery and pricing.
In just 10 years, Fair Price stores located throughout Gauteng and with expansion in other regions— Rustenburg being our first national store, notably earmarked new stores for Brits; Klerksdorp; Welkom; Witbank; Pretoria; Kimberley; Nelspruit. There are currently 30 stores in and around Gauteng, with further expansion planned.

Fair Price specialises in big brand house hold appliances, audio visuals and furniture products.
Goods are procured and locally manufactured in bulk to ensure the prices are always “Fair”.
Fair Price Stores pride themselves on providing a wide range, personal service and the most competitive prices in the market.
The company strongly believe that their retail stores set a competitive standard for product and service delivery in South Africa at a fair price and that they should be the preferred shopping destination for sensible consumers.
Fair Price - The name was chosen so that customers can easily identify that we offer a fair price.
* Latest TNS Research Survey rated Fair Price in the Top10 cash furniture outlets.